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How Is Server Location Important For Your Website SEO?

Your website’s speed, the location of your hosting server, on-page optimization of your website pages, and other elements all play a role in the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. Even if you haven’t given it a second thought, your website’s SEO is affected by the speed at which your pages load and the location from which your pages are viewed. A better user experience may be achieved by using localized web hosting, according to some experts. Let’s look at this a little further.

Overview of Server Hosting Location & its importance

To reach a user, a website must first go from the data centers of its host, where it is monitored, to a route on the internet, which is a network of networks. When a search request from a user is returned and verified by the server, the time it takes is known as ‘LATENCY PERIOD.’

It is delivered using the internet’s most up-to-date, efficient, and quickest network paths to ensure that this data reaches the user as quickly as possible. Even a slight lag in the transmission of data can cause a drop in conversion rates and impact the overall marketing effectiveness of the website.

That’s why it’s crucial to host your website on a server that is located close to your target audience.

How & why is the hosting server location important?

It’s a good idea to seek a web host company like us, at infinitiveHost to get a server close to your region if you want to reach clients in your area. The location of the server is critical when choosing a service provider.

Consequently, it’s always best to choose server locations closer to your target audience, as this will guarantee better results and increase the SEO-based outcomes by a two-fold way, thereby enhancing the user experience on your website which is always a plus for your site and business. Hence, let’s delve deeper to know the importance of server location for your website SEO :

Server location affects website speed:

When visitors access your website, data is sent along the internet’s fastest and most efficient path to get to the user’s computer.

Many networks are now employing fiber-optic connections, which can carry data at a speed of light of 3 x 10^8 m/s, while others are still using copper wires. Only a 10-millisecond delay is acceptable for providing excellent customer service, so long as the data transmission speed is at least 100 megabits per second.

Server Location affects the rankings in the SERPs:

Bounce rates are reduced when a page loads quickly. The term “bounce rate” refers to the percentage of visitors that exit a website page without making another request. Bounce rates increase when your site is sluggish.

User experience is also enhanced by a faster page load time. Also, visitors spend more time on a fast-loading website, which increases their average session duration. Longer periods spent on a website are referred to as “dwell time.”

Search engines are more likely to index websites that load quickly. Site speed and server location are directly tied to search engine rankings. Localized searches are possible with most major search engines. This method makes geo-targeting and employing the proper keywords for that location easier. The speed of your websites may be improved by finding an appropriate location for your server hosting.

Hence, it is essential to utilize a CDN to maintain speed and proximity along with a proper geo-tracking tool to get a globalized approach on your website.

Final Takeaway

So now you know that the location of your server does play an important role in website SEO as well as rankings. google search engine does look for many factors determining the rankings.

Your website load speed is one of the factors that plays significance role in search engine rankings. So if you are also struggling with your website ranking, then here at InfinitveHost we can help you with choosing the best & different location servers for your website that can help you with your webiste SEO and gaining a spot on the top of rankings.

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