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Enable HTTPS For Your Website Today!

Don’t you want your customer’s retention? Don’t you want your customers to come back on your website? It’s highly essential to have an SSL enabled to your website.
If you want to sell to a larger audience and to expand your customer base, you need to give your customer the payment option as well and that’s highly safety call feature. Yes, the https:// protocol we are talking about. You need ssl certificate installed to keep customers clicking through to checkout any product without any worries.

Plan Details

Domain Validation


  • No paperwork
  • www+non www covered
  • No greenbar in browser

‎₹3000 per Year/40 USD per Year


Organization Validation


  • Paperwork Required
  • No greenbar in browser
  • www + non www covered
  • One domain secured

‎₹4875 per Year/65 USD per Year

Extended Validation


  • Paperwork required
  • Green bar in browser
  • www + non www covered

‎₹10500 per Year/140 USD per Year

Wild card SSL


  • No paperwork
  • www + non-www covered
  • Subdomains secured

‎₹10125 per Year/135 USD per Year

Protect sensitive information from frauds!

You have to increase your customer confidence first; people will look for “https://” which is prefixed in their browser bar before submitting any personal information. So actually, How SSL Certificates Protect Your Data? Whenever anything personal information such as credit card information, name, and address to a particular website is stored or given by user; SSL certificate on the other hand protect it by encrypting the data they send to you and then again decrypt it once you receive it.
Trust score is something which is really important to build with your customers. It is the cornerstone of SSL protocol and that means that Infinitive Host strictly adheres to the guidelines of it. We as a SSL certificate provider diligently issues certificates that all browsers can trust upon us. To reassure that your site is safe for the customer; this green pad-lock security sign is a must in today’s world of cyber crime and increasing fraud cases.
Even Search Engine Giant Google highly recommends this https:// and pushes those websites higher in search rankings that help your customer to come across your business. We not only protect your data; we also help you to discover. Infinitive host use the latest hard to crack technology, the strongest encryption in the market today and it is virtually untraceable and un-crack-able too. From Electronic transactions to email carried out in your daily routine activities SSL certificates is actively protecting your data 24*7.

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