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CPU Optimized Cloud Nodes

Dedicated CPU based Compute-optimized virtual machines with dedicated hyper-threads from best-in-class Intel CPUs for workloads that rely on CPU more than RAM.

Plan NameRAMProcessorStorageBandwidthSSLOtherFreeMonthly Price 
Cloud C112 GB RAM4 core CPU100 GB SSDUnlimited BandwidthFree SSLFully managedFree setup and migration‎₹3750/50 USDSTART HERE
Cloud C215 GB RAM6 core CPU150 GB SSDUnlimited BandwidthFree SSLFully managedFree setup and migration‎₹4875/65 USDSTART HERE
Cloud C320 GB RAM8 core CPU300 GB SSDUnlimited BandwidthFree SSLFully managedFree setup and migration‎₹6150/82 USDSTART HERE
Cloud C430 GB RAM12 core CPU450 GB SSDUnlimited BandwidthFree SSLFully managedFree setup and migration₹12450/166 USDSTART HERE
Cloud C540 GB RAM16 core CPU600 GB SSDUnlimited BandwidthFree SSLFully managedFree setup and migration₹13650/182 USDSTART HERE
Cloud C680 GB RAM24 core CPU1200 SSDUnlimited BandwidthFree SSLFully managedFree setup and migration₹21750/290 USDSTART HERE

Avoid load spikes with our High Performance CPU Optimized Cloud Nodes

Instance Performance

Increase traffic from your instance & optimized performance across workloads.

High-performance computing

Solve the complex computational problems using HPC.

Super Optimized Cloud VMs

Optimize your price plan with per-thread performance and memory speeds.

Cost Effect

Get our Cheaper cost plan with highly secured performance computing.

Instant Scalability

Check out your business need and Upgrade /Downgrade our server easily.

Network performance

Enable the enhanced networking capabilities on supported instance types.

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Get experience with CPU Optimized Cloud Nodes.

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Excellent service and fantastic customer support. As I’m a web developer, was
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